Be In This Moment

by Kirby Lee Hammel

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Copyright 2017 - All Rights Reserved


released June 1, 2018

Kirby Hammel - Keyboards, Guitars, Banjo, Vocals
Mike Stevens - Drums, Percussion, Production
David Cuetter- Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar
Ted O'Connell - Bass
Artwork - Jake Alexander
*Copyright 2017 - All Rights Reserved*


all rights reserved



Kirby Lee Hammel California

All songs written, produced, & copyright Kirby Lee Hammel.

Acoustic guitars, piano, rhodes, organ, banjo, vocals - Kirby Hammel

Drums, Production, Mixing -Mike Stevens

Steel, Dobro- David Cuetter

Bass- Ted O'Connell

Art- Jake Alexander
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Track Name: Be In This Moment
I hate to see you cry
When you let your mind run wild and tear you up inside
Trying to see the shape of what we don't know yet
Trying to make the unknown known

Let go of the future and forget about the past
And be in this moment with me now

The pains of a pure heart are deeper than the rest
Like a valve that's opened and never closed
And if your spirit is always on the move
How can you settle and find the truth

Cause we can bend the frame of our reality
And paint the masterpiece that we want to see

So let's watch the sun sink low
We've got each other and nowhere else to go
Try to put your mind at ease
Fall from the dreaming tree and float on the breeze
Track Name: Elouise
Elouise is looking for a friend
Somebody to listen with some time to spend
She's trying to find the difference between a flower and a weed
She thinks its perception

It’s easy to hide all your fears, to keep a secret
When no one is near
She can't stop the voices in her head
The invisible people the invisible dread

Oh, Elouise, how will you find your peace
Oh, Elouise, how will you find your peace, Elouise

Every day the struggle starts again
To live with all her senses and try to fit in
But every day she wakes up on the street
With a little less dignity and more and more questions

She once was a precious baby girl, a gift to the world
With an endless future
How does she keep a smile upon her face
When so many try to erase that they ever knew her
Track Name: Ghost In the City
Ghost in the City walking through the night
Looking for that spirit but something don't feel quite right

I see men on the street, I see families in need
Their lives are in chaos brought on by avarice and greed
Eviction notice nailed upon the door
What happened to the music hall and my favorite record store
Freaks and dreamers, fallen angels and outlaws
What happened to you all did someone re-write the song?
Ghost in the City walking through night
Looking for that spirit but something don't feel quite right

Ghost in the City walking through the fog
Looking for that heartbeat it ain't coming on too strong

As the years roll on, friends and family die
We need a community to help us all get by
But a city does not belong to any place in time
It's an ever changing world with new rhythms and new rhymes
A computer is not an idol and a bridge is just a bridge
It's the heart and soul of the people that make a city what it is
Ghost in the City walking through the fog
Looking for that heartbeat it ain't coming on too strong
Track Name: Northern Star
Well the TV screen makes me want to scream
Gambling mouths of the machine
But anger sweeps into apathy
When my gal is here with me

Cause she's my shining northern star
With me always near or far
Guides my way back to her arms
She's my shining Northern Star

Well the honky tonks and the damned saloons
They cloud my nights with their perfume
And its bittersweet when it’s time to leave
But what I've got is all I need
Track Name: Sweeter Than The Wine
Oh what a beautiful and complicated smile
Let's just sit here for a while
Love is an ember it's burning deep inside
With an open heart it’s easy to find
I am a rambling man my heart is on the move
But you've got nothing more to prove

If it’s possible you're sweeter than the wine
Sweeter than the wine for the first time

All those nights in the bars filled with booze
Neon signs and jukebox blues
Glasses of whiskey, tequila, beer and wine
My favorite friends to pass the time
I am a rambling man I love those swinging doors
But you fill my cup with something more
Track Name: A Better Life With You
I know you've got your scars
But I still want your heart
These blemishes don't hurt its just the lessons we've learned
Traveling through the stars
And you're just as bad as me
Caught up and caught between
Promises we can't say and debts we'll never repay, pockets full of dreams

But I still want a better life with you
I still need a thunderstorm or two
I still feel the spirit when it moves
I still want a better life with you, with you

If you want to disappear, tired of doubt and fear
Just pick a place to go and we'll get on the road
And let the highway steer
Cause you know when things feel right
Don't second guess or fight
Just put your hand in mine, we'll make some time
We'll drive all night
Track Name: I Wasn't Looking For Love
The strangeness of the moment has just occurred to me
Coming in out of a rainstorm, what a blessed sight to see
Standing in a crowded bar surrounded in revelry
Wasn't looking for a woman, but then you looked at me

I wasn't looking for love, I wasn't looking for anything
I wasn't looking for love, and you floated down from above to me

The magic of a passing glance took me by surprise
I'd never known these feelings til' I looked into your eyes
What's a man supposed to do when he's filled with strange desire
Wasn't looking for a woman, but you set my heart on fire
Track Name: Take A Tear
Take a tear, any tear, cause they're all yours
I'll have some more for you tomorrow
Take a tear, any tear, cause they're all yours
And I'll cry a little more each day you're gone

We were searching in the branches of a tree
Looking for what grows in the roots
A restless harmony, sliding out of tune
Has left me with a bitter truth

We let our differences fill the space between
So either way we're both to blame
There is no second chance, no reason to believe
Just an empty picture frame
Track Name: There Is A Place
There is a place where you can go
Where your mind is free to flow
Where your fears are filled with love
And words fall down from above
Now I can't tell you where it is
The muse will give you a gift
Now I can't tell you where to go
But all I know

Now is the time to make a joyful sound
Make a joyful sound, let it ring out loud, I gotta believe

There is a place where you can feel
Like a dream you'd swear it was real
Where the money comes real tough
And still we can't get enough
Now I can't tell you where it is
The muse will give you a gift
I can't tell you where to go
But all I know
Track Name: Easy Come, Easy Go
Late at night been thinking of you
And how this old ragged world could break your heart in two
I couldn't believe when I heard the news
But I guess some see the world in a deeper shade of blue

Easy Come, Easy Go, Easy for me to say I know

You'd play all night and sing us your tunes
I thought you'd write another song to sing away your blues
I wish that I could give an excuse
But I've got to sympathize cause I could be there too

Now a heavy weight burdens us all
To lose another friend who once burned bright and tall
We all do our best just to stay afloat
But we somehow forget those who seem to need us most
Track Name: Tough Love
Mother meant the best for me when she was young and scared
She took to religion as her life filled with despair
She worked the night shift so that she could see our face
In the morning when we awoke with the sunlight full of grace

Daddy was a busy man making music for the lord
Left mom in a big old house with two kids and the chores
Born 12 years apart well there minds could not meet
And by the time that I turned 16 the divorce became complete

Tough love is a mothers love, is a fathers love
When there's none between the two
Tough love is never giving up on the ones you love
And it’s all that we can do

When you're on your own, all alone, so confused
You've lost all there is to lose

Love came on a gentle breeze and they tied the knot again
With a new companion who became their true best friend
And throughout the turmoil and the changes all the way
They cared for me in a loving way, each and every day

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